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Dr. Johannes Bohnen in IL SOLE 24 ORE: "CPR is a response to an excessive demand on democracy"

Aktualisiert: 16. Jan. 2023

CPR as a business case is spreading through Italy, thanks to IL SOLE 24 ORE. The leading newspaper for business and finance in Italy published an article on 26 July 2021, citing Dr. Johannes Bohnen on his CPR concept.

You can find the link to the original article below.

For everyone unfamiliar with the Italian language, this is the most important bit:

Corporations are less and less accepted as politically neutral, and CPR is a response to an excessive demand on the democratic state that is put under pressure by populism, elite failure, nationalism, but also by external security threats. While states remain the decisive political actors in international politics, globalization and digitalization are generating a loss of control in many instances. When companies develop their brand, they basically reinforce politics, meet societal expectations and thus invest in the foundations of their business. They are therefore no longer just an economic player, but a socio-political player.

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