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Hennies presents CPR at in-house public sector consultancy PD

On Tuesday, 08 November 2022, Lutz-Peter Hennies gave a presentation on CPR at the PD Virtual Sustainability Roundtable. The consultancy, which is entirely publicly funded, provides services to the federal, state, and local governments on issues of modern administration and infrastructure.

The concept of sustainability, Hennies said, is at the heart of the CPR concept - when it is interpreted not merely socially and ecologically, but politically. This refers to the long-term stability of the liberal order. The economic success of companies also depends to a large extent on institutions and collective goods, such as the rule of law, tolerance, and pluralism. Protecting them is therefore a business case. In addition, the commitment to democracy offers numerous positioning opportunities with which companies can sharpen their brand profile.

Finally, Hennies discussed with the approximately 30 PD participants how the CPR concept could help to develop options for action for private and public actors in light of the controversial World Cup in Qatar.

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