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Societal Dialogues

We design and implement campaigns to put on the public agenda topics relating to science, education, and culture. We help translate complex academic issues and highlight their sociopolitical relevance to shape public opinion. Our strategic communication involves not only content curation but also process design and stakeholder coordination.

The aim of our campaigns is to bring into view the democratic quality of cultural discourse and practice. We have special expertise in the areas of religion and education. This includes strengthening a humanist conception of character education that entails a conscious reflection about questions of faith; for even secular societies have a need for theological education. 


Currently, we organize interreligious dialogue under the leitmotif “cohesion through conflict”, hinting at the project’s democratic ethos: differences and contradictions are not to be smoothed over but to be negotiated in a civil manner.  To this end, we bring together experts from universities, academies, foundations, NGOs, and politics in various discussion formats.

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