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The five key areas of our consultancy:

BOHNEN Public Affairs | Government Relations



We support your political dialogue and positioning with strategic foresight.

BOHNEN Public Affairs | Campaigning

Through orchestrated communications measures, we place your interests on the political agenda.

BOHNEN Public Affairs | Science & Education

Science &

We support you in effectively bringing scientific and educational expertise into the political arena.

BOHNEN Public Affairs | CPR

We demonstrate how to invest in democracy as the foundation of your business success.

BOHNEN Public Affairs | Political Branding



In a strengths-based approach, we sharpen the socio-political dimension of your brand’s profile.

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BOHNEN Public Affairs

BPA positions companies, associations, government institutions, political parties, NGOs and nation states in the public sphere.

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We help our clients understand political processes, develop communications strategies, and effectively set the social and political agenda.

Our strengths include clear analyses, access to decision-makers, an international network, as well as developing creative solutions.

Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR) and Political Branding represent the focus of our expertise. 

Bohnen Public Affairs | Corporate Political Responsibility | JFK
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The CPR concept

Introduced by Dr. Johannes Bohnen 

BOHNEN Public Affairs | Corporate Political Responsibility | Springer Gabler

Book DE

"Wie Unternehmen die Demokratie und damit sich selbst stärken“

BOHNEN Public Affairs | Corporate Political Responsibility | Dr. Johannes Bohnen

Book EN

"How Businesses can strengthen Democracy for Mutual benefit"

CPR – The Book 

Published by Springer Gabler (2020)

For further information and discussions related to CPR, please visit this website:

“How Businesses Can Strengthen Democracy for Mutual Benefit.”

The book on the subject

CPR is a business case. Through socio-political engagement companies invest in the foundations of their corporate success. In doing so, companies can endorse the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 16 “peace, justice and effective institutions”. 

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