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Atlantic Community

In line with our Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR) approach, our company's social engagement takes place in the political arena. BPA supports the non-profit associations Atlantic Community and Respublica.

The Atlantic Community (former Atlantische Initiative e.V.) was founded in 2004 as an independent, non-partisan association by Johannes Bohnen and Jan Kallmorgen. Since then, it has contributed to strengthening transatlantic relations and foreign policy culture in Germany. In addition, the Atlantic Community promotes the next generation of decision-makers. In this spirit, a change of leadership and rebranding process took place in 2020.

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Respublica e.V. was founded by Johannes Bohnen and fellow campaigners to support bridging the participation and democracy gap between society and politics. The association discusses and develops tools, procedures and services for political participation.

The central project of the association was the first German politics festival - inspired by Scandinavian predecessors. There, citizens celebrate democracy (through live music, political poetry slams, etc.) and at the same time work on the further development of democracy through innovative formats. In short: the politics festival aims to whet people's appetites for policy-making; it was first held on 3 October 2013.

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“Mitdenken!” is a format in which BPA and its event cooperation partner ID Partners invite friends, colleagues and clients from a wide range of disciplines to discuss pressing social issues. The last event with over 100 guests was held in November 2014 in cooperation with the Roland Berger Foundation at BPA's office and dealt with the fate of Unaccompanied Minor Refugees (UMF) in Germany.

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