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Corporate Political Responsibility

Whether populism, climate change or war: liberal democracies face complex internal and external challenges. This also affects companies, because their economic success depends on political preconditions such as civil liberties, stable institutions and functioning public goods. In addition, employees, customers and consumers expect companies to prove themselves as good corporate citizens. The political is thus a business case. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) falls short in describing the relationship between companies and the public realm. It needs a further development in the direction of Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR). We support you in developing CPR conceptually and implementing it in concrete fields of action.

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Companies are already political actors, because as employers, innovators or lobbyists they influence social structures. Nevertheless, the big questions in the political space between government, parliament, NGOs and science pose an enormous challenge for many companies. Our experience shows: Saying what you want prevents mistrust. Openly declaring that you act politically is more convincing than superficial neutrality.

We support you in sharpening your profile in the public space and in developing a strategy for how best to meet the socio-political expectations of your stakeholders. Think of our CPR service as a CEO planning staff. We will show you ways to leverage your resources and expertise for win-win solutions between business and society. At its core, our service for you is to position your company as a co-creator of public goods - to your own advantage. A prerequisite is the systematic development of the socio-political dimension of your brand (see Political Branding).


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