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CPR in the "Zeitschrift für Unternehmensjuristen“

In the anniversary issue of the Zeitschrift für Unternehmensjuristen (ZUJ), Dr. Johannes Bohnen explains the concept of corporate political responsibility (CPR) and its relevancy for the industry.

Business thrives off of socio-political preconditions, which it cannot guarantee itself but can effectively support. Bohnen, therefore, advises companies to invest not only in buildings, machines, and employees but also in political institutions and pre-economic factors of their success. If companies strengthen political institutions and the society in which they operate, they strengthen themselves. Governance tasks can be taken on by companies. However, they must not monopolize the political. Here, caution must be exercised against overstepping competencies. In his article, Bohnen points out concrete fields of action in which companies can actively assume political responsibility and develop their political brand from there. For in-house lawyers, this offers new opportunities to position companies in a competitive environment.

ZUJ_Corporate Political Responsibility
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