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Election Poster Analysis for BILD and B.Z.

As he did before the last two elections to the Berlin House of Representatives, Dr. Johannes Bohnen analyzed the election posters of the most important parties for BILD and B.Z.. Overall, anything but creative fireworks. Compared to the elections in 2020, the parties show themselves as more serious. The embarrassing premature new elections and the city's major problems leave their mark. The SPD and the Greens have opted for clear lines and muted colors to underscore their integrity and ability to govern. The CDU works with powerful plain language messages in a black-and-white look, while the FDP combines modern colors with snappy messages for the target group of entrepreneurs and freedom lovers. The Left Party candidate smiles good-naturedly from plain posters that promise all-round support. The AfD, as usual, with clear-edge semantics. It is increasingly taking the themes of homeland and patriotism away from the established parties. There can be nothing right from the wrong corner. A fatal attitude that plays into the hands of the radicals.

More information can be found here.

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