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Bohnen Delivers a Digital Public Lecture on CPR at the Hamburg School of Ideas

At the invitation of the Hamburg School of Ideas, Dr. Johannes Bohnen gave the first digital "Public Lecture" of the new school year on the topic of "Corporate Political Responsibility" (CPR) on October 28th. The two-hour lecture (including Q&As) was followed by around 60 participants.

Bohnen built a bridge to the course content of the budding advertising and concept copywriters: a clean brand development is the ideal starting point for suitable communication measures.

Bohnen put forward the thesis that the socio-political dimension of a brand has been neglected so far. Political branding would become a major topic of the future. Due to digitalization, globalization, and major internal and external threats, the systematic development of a political brand is becoming more and more important and is pushing companies to take a stance - in their interest. After all, through socio-political contributions, companies can strengthen the performance of democratic states and thus the foundations for their companies' success. Assuming political responsibility as a company is therefore a business case.

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