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CPR Webinar with Brussels Group

"Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR). A new Business Case and Public Affairs Approach" was the topic Johannes Bohnen presented together with other members of the public affairs network "Brussels Group" in a webinar on January 20, 2021.

In a quarter-hour keynote speech, Bohnen presented key theses from his book, which has been published in German and English, and explaines the added value of CPR for the public affairs industry. Companies must invest in the social and political requirements to be able to do business successfully. The long-term strengthening of democracy is a business case. To develop a socio-political stance, companies rely on public affairs work to help them develop a political brand. This provides the PA industry with new points of contact in its dialogue with politicians. After all, companies have something to offer as co-producers of public governance.

The role CPR plays in other countries and in its relationship with the European Union was presented by Eupportunity founder Henrique Burnay from Portugal, Oliver Kaye from LP Brussels in the UK, and Olivier Benoist, founder of the French agency Lighthouse Europe. Paul d'Amécourt (also Lighthouse Europe) moderated the event. Click here to watch the recorded webinar on YouTube.

The Brussels Group is a network of independent public affairs firms with strong expertise at both the European and national level. Public affairs experts from Portugal, France, the UK, Spain and Germany cover a wide range of topics to provide the best advice for public affairs activities.

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