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BigPicture No. 1: "The Self-Assertion of Europe" with BPA Associate Partners and Ambassadors.

On September 28, 2015, BOHNEN Public Affairs hosted its first BIGPICTURE event. It marked the start of a series of discussion rounds with a focus on major developments and interdependencies in international politics. In the sense of executive policy planning, the relevance for companies, in particular, will be elaborated.

Under the title "The Self-Assertion of Europe", the Associate Partners and Senior Advisors of BOHNEN Public Affairs, the Ambassadors Dr. Norbert Baas, Joachim Bitterlich, and Michael H. Gerdts discussed under with moderator Dr. Johannes Bohnen. The focus was on Africa's conflict and market potential, the risks caused by refugee flows, and the role of Russia under Putin. This was followed by a lively discussion with the guests. There was general agreement that Europe must be a politically strong actor capable of taking action, especially to successfully assert national interests.

(Image: STory/

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