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Bohnen Holds CPR Speech at the Aspen Institute

At the invitation of the Aspen Institute Germany, Dr. Johannes Bohnen spoke at a public event in Hamburg on April 18th, 2018, on "Get Political! How companies can strengthen their business with Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR)."

In his presentation, Dr. Bohnen put the common sustainability concept of corporate responsibility on a broader footing. It must not be narrowed down to social and ecological aspects, but must be thought of in a decidedly political way: CSR falls short, what is needed is CPR. Because the instability of the liberal political order also endangers companies. Instead of holding back on sociopolitical issues, companies should use political branding to adopt a stance and strengthen the community. Those who invest in society and politics create the best environment for themselves in the long term. Dr. Bohnen also took the opportunity to explore the possible limits of CPR - for example, with regard to maintaining political primacy or the applicability in authoritarian-led foreign states.

Dr. Bohnen then exchanged views with the Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Germany, Rüdiger Lentz, on the presented CPR theses, before the event culminated in an open and engaging plenary discussion.

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