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Our support in the field of science and policy is primarily aimed at foundations, think tanks, academies, research institutions, NGOs, political parties and government organizations. It encompasses the strategic conception as well as planning and implementation of communication measures. This includes text work ranging from speeches to discussion papers to name articles, as well as lectures and training sessions. Focus areas are education, religion and political rhetoric.

Social debates thrive on diverse forms of expertise. Scientific interventions  in particular serve to place questions of practice in a theoretical framework and thereby contribute to conceptual clarifications, problem differentiations and possible solutions. At the same time, there are several pitfalls to be aware of.

Firstly, in the political sphere, expertise changes its "state of aggregation". Contrary to the often strong self-claim of objectivity, neutrality and independence, it now finds itself in the competition of opposing interests. Therefore, it needs competent strategies of self-relativization that rely on the plausibility and persuasiveness of one’s position. Secondly, expertise must be translated for and operationalized in different institutional contexts and logics of action. Thirdly, complexity must be conveyed adequately through content and language. Strategic communication at the interface of science and policy takes on these challenges of politicization, transferability and rhetorical aptitude. If successful, it lends intellectual depth to questions of public relevance and thus helps to promote societal progress.



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