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Why Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR) is Essential for Innovative and Sustainable Growth

The July 2021 issue of the St. Gallen Business Review features an article by Dr. Johannes Bohnen on the strategic value of political branding for companies. Titled "Corporate Political Responsibility - Mapping A New Way Towards Sustainable Innovative Growth," Bohnen explains the importance of extending the popular term of social and environmental investment (CSR) to the political arena. Since the success of businesses depends heavily on a robust political infrastructure - from health care to education to the rule of law - they also have a responsibility to promote and invest in these public goods. Implementing CPR through strong political branding, as Bohnen points out, contributes to sustainable growth by meeting consumers' increasingly political expectations of businesses and strengthening the very requirement - democracy - that enables long-term business success.

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Article-St.Gallen Business Review-July 2021
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